Linda Taylor

Guitarist and composer for "Whose Line Is It Anyway"

PolyNome is my #1 practice aid and drill sergeant, there's no need for any other metronome.


Darryn Farrugia


This is by far the best metronome app I've ver used. Absolute flexibility in what it can do coupled with keeping me totally accountable when it comes to my practise log.


Dan Presland

Ne Obliviscaris, Vipassi, A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Independent

"The features such as tracking your practicing, finding other people's workouts + stickings, and the ability to program in any beat/pattern/combo you wish are the draw cards. It really puts some creative fun into practice, and that's motivating."


Ariel Sánchez

Dos Más Uno, Independent

"Polynome allows you to create things that any other metronome would never allow you to. It is a very useful tool for any musician."


Jonathan Colin Greene

Drumosophy, Independent

"A deep, comprehensive, and powerful app for both drummers and students of rhythm. If you are suffering from a lack of imagination, PolyNome will cure you with more than a lifetime's worth of possibilities. Truly Inspiring!"


Tay Robinson


"PolyNome is the premier app that any drummer taking their craft seriously should have on their phone. PolyNome has helped make sense of a lot of things that I’ve always heard in my head, but could never relay to the drum kit."


Sarah Thawer


"PolyNome is limitless. This app is the encyclopedia of rhythm. There’s not one day that goes by where I don’t use it!"


André Ferrari

Bokanté / In BeatWeen Rhythm / Väsen / Independent / Teacher - Ferrarithem / Composer - FerraritmiCo

"PolyNome is THE "Time Guru". A fun and enjoyable way to explore (when practicing) and explain (when teaching) the synchronicity of time. I use it to coordinate everything from beats and polyrhythms to practice time and lectures."


Steve Lyman

Chase Baird/University of Utah/Independent

"A game-changing app with unlimited creative metronome capacities. "


Kyle Schweikhard

Educator, Author, Clinician, Owner of Drum Sync Academy

"The drum education/community has needed something like this for years. Other than drum sticks, the PolyNome App is without a doubt the next best thing for drummer to have! "


Powell Randolph

Windborne Music Productions, Drum Educator

"PolyNome makes practicing fun again! It’s the smartest metronome app on the planet! Every musician and music Educator should be using PolyNome."


Brandon Zackey

Sicarius, Independent

"Polynome has helped me reach a new understanding of polyrhythms and advanced rhythmic concepts. The possibilities of the app are limitless and I discover new features everyday. It truly is the ultimate practice tool for any musician. "


James Payne

Hiss From The Moat,, The DrumHouse

"Finally I can create and save my practice routines. I no longer have to switch everything manually and count bars in my head. Now I can just focus on practicing! Game changer app to practice with!"


Juan “Carlito” Mendoza

Independent/Educator/2012 Guitar Center Drum Off Champion

"PolyNome is simply brilliant! You can work on subdivisions, timing, various sticking exercises, stroke combinations, various accented patterns, etc. It pretty much does ANYTHING you can think of. It's an integral part of my teaching at my private studio and when I travel to give workshops, clinics, drum camps and masterclasses."


Matt Muehling

Progger, McMeta

"PolyNome changed my life. Literally any crazy rhythmic concept I’m trying to figure out... PolyNome can do that."


Aldo Benti

"PolyNome is an incredibly valuable tool both on stage, in the studio, and in my practice room."



Stray From The Path, The Haarp Machine, Viatroph, Deaf Havana, Vision Of Disorder

"It's literally the best click out there. The test your timing mode and ability to see how much (or how little) I practiced that week is invaluable!"


Cliff Almond

New York Independent/Wayne Krantz, Michel Camilo

"Polynome is much more than just a metronome. I use it live, in the studio, for practice and for teaching. The flexibility and programming capability is unmatched, and its a very inspiring tool for all musicians ...not just for drummers. It's ahead of its time."


Kevin Stevens

Musicians Institute, Rock of Ages

"The most powerful metronome and practice app available on the market."


Euan Leslie

Jesus Molina, Caroline Gray, James Morton

"PolyNome's had an amazing impact on my playing! Super flexible tool which opened and still opens my mind to more rhythmical possibilities."