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André Ferrari
Bokanté / In BeatWeen Rhythm / Väsen / Independent / Teacher - Ferrarithem / Composer - FerraritmiCo

"PolyNome is THE "Time Guru". A fun and enjoyable way to explore (when practicing) and explain (when teaching) the synchronicity of time. I use it to coordinate everything from beats and polyrhythms to practice time and lectures."

About André

André Ferrari is a drummer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a member of Bokanté (Michael League’s new band).

He has been freelancing as drummer, percussionist, bass player, since 1984 in all kinds of genres from jazz, rock, traditional, classical, reggae and the fusions in between. He has an interest in finding and combining new sounds makes his kits change for every project. Follow André on instagram @ferrarhythm & @ferrarittematik


André on PolyNome

I use PolyNome anytime I’m practicing really but, some examples I use PolyNome for are:

1. Practice routines (fit exact time for daily practice depending on prerequisites).

2. Fast check of polyrhythms.

3. Silent timer (with cues) for lectures.

4. Showing stickings / sending to students.

5. Sending groove ideas to bass players.

6. Konnakol phrasing / calculating etc.etc.

I like the structure of PolyNome and the app creators dedication. And of course the ease to use and share it.

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