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Jonathan Colin Greene
Drumosophy, Independent

"A deep, comprehensive, and powerful app for both drummers and students of rhythm. If you are suffering from a lack of imagination, PolyNome will cure you with more than a lifetime's worth of possibilities. Truly Inspiring!"

About Jonathan

Musician, Educator, and Rhythmic Explorer Jonathan Greene is the drummer for Anamika, Brave World Trio, Vintage Astronaut, John Ray Quintet, Rkiii, and Mr Haircut.

His style morphs from jazz to experimental, drum n’ bass to hip hop, electronic to rock and pop. His focus on mastery of technique and keen ear for musicality has kept him an in demand drummer in the North Carolina music scene.


Jonathan on PolyNome

I use PolyNome to create personalized lessons for my students. Sharing presets is super easy. Also, when working on combinations of rhythms I’ve never heard, it can be helpful to program them first and listen, so that I can have it in my ears.

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