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Euan Leslie
Jesus Molina, Caroline Gray, James Morton

"PolyNome's had an amazing impact on my playing! Super flexible tool which opened and still opens my mind to more rhythmical possibilities."

About Euan

From practicing on his first drum kit made of shoe boxes at age 10 to now at age 18 playing music around the world, Euan Leslee has become a versatile and in demand drummer.

Originally from Dumfries in Scotland, Euan won the UK Young Drummer of the Year 2015 competition which has become a major stepping stone in his life to this date leading him to opportunities (such as) opening and playing masterclasses alongside drummers like Aaron Spears (Usher), Nick Mason (Official) of Pink Floyd, Kaz Rodriguez, J.P. Bouvet, Robin Guy (Sham 69) and Karl Brazil Drummer(Robbie Williams).

At (age)16 (Euan) moved to Bristol, UK to be in a buzzing music scene and while there played all the major venues and worked/performed with artists such as James Morton (The Herbaliser, Pee Wee Ellis) playing around England and Europe, Guitarist Alex Hutchings, Tanya Lacey (The Voice UK) and supported people like Actor and DJ Craig Charles with Bristol funk powerhouse band The LBJBs’s.

Berklee College of Music accepted Euan with scholarship that same year at 16 and he took it up at 18 and has since toured the US with Country Artist Caroline Gray, received a Latin Grammy Scholarship, Recorded with various artists like pianist Jesús Javier Molina Acosta, a finalist in the Blue Man Group Drum off and is working with musicians such as Marko Djordjevic, Neal Smith, Henrique De Almeida.

Euan uses and is sponsored by the following companies: Meinl Cymbals, D’addario, Roland and Yamaha UK

“Fantastic young drummer with versatility, a strong groove, excellent technique, deep listening abilities that allow him to support, inspire and enliven”- Phil Grenadier (James brown,Carlos Santana)

“Dedication and Talent beyond his years” Tony “Thunder” Smith (Lou Reed,Jeff Beck)

Some more of his show/career highlights include: Giving a masterclass at the London Drum Show Touring UK with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland Semi Finalist in BBC4’s Young Jazz Musician Of The Year 2014 and the Young Scottish Jazz Musician 2013 Supporting Rapper Professor Green and Amelia Lily at YouthBeatz Winning Under 19’s Yamaha Youth Jazz Competition at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival with Dumfries Jazz Group and getting mentioned by acclaimed pianist Julian Joseph for his level of playing. Playing the 606 club London BBC 6 Music Festival London Jazz Festival London’s One Love Reggae Festival Taste of Country Festival New York Country Jam Festival Colorado


Euan on PolyNome

I love that it’s straight forward to use. I like that I can come up with my own exercises very easily. It’s a super flexible tool which opened, and still opens, my mind to more rhythmical possibilities.


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