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Chris Reeve
"PolyNome has enlightened me, inspired me, and saved my butt countless times."

About Chris

Chris Reeve is a Drummer/Multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA, with 20+ years of experience including extensive touring throughout U.S.A, Europe, U.K., and Australia. He currently plays drums for the platinum U.S. rock band, Filter, and is a regular host for the podcast.

Originally from Perth, Australia, his vast musical experiences also include performing on stage and in the studio with; Bryan Beller (Steve Vai, The Aristocrats), Danny Lohner (NIN), Combichrist (This Is Where Death Begins), Steve Ferlazzo (Musical Director – Avril Lavigne), Anthony Cormican (Star Trek, Disney), Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Brian Virtue (Audioslave), Ulrich Wild (Pantera/Static X), Mark Schulman (Pink/Cher) and for companies such as Red Bull Media House, and HBO. Chris has also performed clinics at establishments such as M.I. (Musicians Institute) and has over 13 years teaching experience at various schools, academies, and colleges.

Chris on PolyNome…

I have used PolyNome in almost every musical scenario – In the practice room to program and slow down intricate parts or feels, in my teaching studio with all of my students, on stage as a cheeky little pocket time keeper, in the recording studio as a writing tool, and even at home for educational/entermaiment purposes like programming weird swing amounts! I use it every day for something.


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