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Presets Page

The Presets Page

The Presets page consists of 3 main sections:



i) Presets Header section

ii) Presets Section

iii) Actions section

i) Presets Header Section


a) Use this button to go back to the metronome page (you can also just swipe the screen since the Metronome is always to the left of the Presets)

b) Presets/Playlist/Playlist Manager button. This button tells you the page you’re on. If you tap it it expands to allow you to view the Playlist or Playlist Manager page.

c) Multi-select button. Tap this to select multiple Presets to perform actions on.

d) New Preset: You can use this to add a new Preset. Usually a better way is to use the Save As dialog on the Metronome page (when tapping the Disk button)

e) Sort/Arrange button. Tap the left side of this (the arrow) to sort ascending or descending. Tap the right side to sort by Created (date created), Recent (date modified), BPM (tempo), A-Z, or Length (song length, if assigned)

f) Tap Filter By Tag to filter the Presets Library to show only those associated with a certain Tag. You can apply multiple custom Tags to each Preset in the list. (learn more here)

g) Search. Tap in here to quickly search for a Preset. You can also tap the magnifying glass icon to launch search if the search bar is not visible.

The image below shows the expandable buttons in their expanded form.


ii) Presets Section

The Presets section lists all of your saved Presets. Tap a Preset to load it and swipe back to the Metronome on the left to play it.

Each Preset row displays the name in large blue letters. Underneath you’ll see the tempo, song length (if assigned) and any tags applied to the Preset.

The image below shows the Presets page while in multi-select mode (enabled with button ‘c)’ from the header section)

a) Tap this to cancel multi-select

b) Tap Preset rows to select them.

c) If song lengths are assigned to Presets then the sum of the lengths of the selected Presets is shown here. This is useful when creating setlists for a band.

d) Actions button: Tap this to perform actions on the selected Presets.

e) Share button: Tap this to share via email, messages, AirDrop or to upload to the Public Library.

f) Delete button: Tap to delete the selected Presets.

iii) Preset Actions Section

When you tap the Actions button above you’ll see the Actions menu.


a) Manage Tags: Tap this to add tags to the selected Presets; Remove All Tags from selected Presets; Edit the Tags applied to the selected Presets.

b) Add Presets To Playlist: Tap this to add the selected Presets to a Playlist. You’ll be given the option to create a new Playlist, Add to the Current Playlist, or select a Playlist from the Playlist Manager.

c) Add Count In To Presets: Tap this to add a Count In to the selected Presets. It will create a new Playlist, add the Presets, and add a Count In to the start.

d) Add AutoTempoChange: Tap this to add the selected Presets to a Playlist and set some basic parameters to produce an automatic tempo change. You can then edit the tempo change settings in Playlist Controls.

e) Paste Attributes: Tap this to Paste Attributes from the current clipboard Preset to the selected Presets. You can copy a Preset by tapping the Preset name at the top of the Metronome page and choosing Copy Preset. (Learn more here)


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