Automatic Tempo Changes

>>>Automatic Tempo Changes

Automatic Tempo Changes

Automatic tempo changes can be a useful tool for creating practice routines.

With PolyNome you can…

  • Have a click that speeds up (or slows down) every X bars (or after a certain amount of time)
  • Set Boundary tempos and choose what should happen when they are reached. For example, when the tempo reaches 250bpm PolyNome should :Stop, Start Over, Reverse tempo change direction, or Stay at the end tempo.
  • Change tempo by a percentage (instead of a bpm)

NOTE: The Tempo Change options are a feature of Playlist Looping. They take effect each time the Playlist loops back to the top. You can turn this on in the Playlist Controls (the bottom row of a Playlist).

Here’s the recipe for creating Automatic Tempo Changes in PolyNome:

  1. Create a Playlist
  2. Add the Presets you want to use (you can just add a single preset if you like)
  3. In Playlist Controls turn on “Auto Advance”, “Play When Advancing” and “Playlist Looping”
  4. Choose the tempo change settings you would like
  5. Make sure none of the Presets in your Playlist are set to loop (or auto advance won’t work). You can change the repeats/timer for Presets in a Playlist by tapping the gear icon on the right of the row.

Watch the video to see this in action

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