Sharing Presets and Playlists

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Sharing Presets and Playlists

Sharing Presets and Playlists in PolyNome is easy.

You can share Presets from the Preset Library, or Playlists from the Playlist Manager.

Follow these steps…

* Select the Preset/Playlist you want to share. To share multiple Presets/Playlists tap the check icon (top right) and select the items you want to share.

* Tap the Share button in the tool bar

* Enter a Tag name. This tag will be added to the items when exported. It can be anything.

* Choose a sharing method – email, iMessage, AirDrop, etc.

Note: Some items may appear in the share options that aren’t actually able to share the files – e.g. Whatsapp. You can disable these by tapping the More button on the far right of the row and switching them off.

sharing screens


If you want to share all of your Presets, Playlists or the Practice Log (for example, between your own devices) then it’s quicker to use the Backup option in the menu.


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