Practice Routines

>>>Practice Routines

Practice Routines

PolyNome is a great tool for creating practice routines for yourself or your students.

In the video example below I created a practice routine for working on hand strength.

Each item in the Playlist is a simple 1/4 note click BUT it’s labelled with the sticking for me to work on.

The repeat for each item is set to 30, so PolyNome will play each one 30 times before moving on.

Auto Advance, Play When Advancing and Play Sound When Advancing are all turned on in Playlist Controls. That means PolyNome automatically moves onto the next item in the list when the reps run out AND plays a sound to notify me that it’s moved on.

I can reference the name of the Preset to let me know what sticking I should be playing.

Everything is logged automatically in the Practice Log. I can go into the Practice Log and filter to view just events in┬áthe currently loaded playlist. I can view charts to see which items I’ve done the most work on and how long I’ve spent on each item. I can also see which tempos I’ve played them at.

It’s easy to create a practice routine like this and share it with a student (via email/AirDrop/iMessage). They can then go home and work on the exercises. When they return for their next lesson you’ll be able to view their practice log to see what they’ve worked on. They can even add notes against each event if there are things they’re struggling with or need to remember to tell you.

Watch the video to see it in action…

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