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Back in 2011 Lucas Ives (drummer, software engineer and part time drum tech for none other than Dave Weckl) signed up for a Gold Pass on Joe Crabtree’s site – joecrabtree.com.  Joe emailed Lucas to thank him and they became friends.

Joe (who is writing this, so I’ll stop talking in third person) had been developing software for Mac and PC as an aid to his drum practice and wanted to create an iPhone app, but didn’t know where to begin.

I met up with Lucas at a show Dave Weckl was playing at the Blue Note in New York and we began to discuss the idea of creating an iPhone app.

[/inf][inf title=”Our Philosophy” subtitle=”WE LIKE TO CREATE WELL THOUGHT OUT APPS”]

You know what they say – “A metronome is a drummer’s best friend.”  Well, maybe I just made that up, but we’ve all used them and they can certainly be useful. But they usually just count at one rate and I thought that was a bit boring.

The idea behind PolyNome was to create a metronome that would help musicians learn how to accurately transition between note rates (for example 16ths to triplets), how to play polyrhythms (5 vs 7) and how to improve their time (by inserting bars of rest into a click.)

That is what PolyNome has done for the last 3 years.  In private it’s been doing some growing up.  It’s learned to count to 12, and it’s memory is improving.

[/inf][inf title=”Version 2.0″ subtitle=”RE-INVENTING THE METRONOME”]

For version 2.0 of PolyNome Joe took over the reigns and learned to write code for iOS. He demolished the original app and built it from the ground up to be more intuitive and WAY more powerful.

Version 2.x has a lot more features and is probably the most versatile and powerful metronome available – whether it be for gigging or practicing.


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