Will PolyNome Be Available On Android?

>Will PolyNome Be Available On Android?
Will PolyNome Be Available On Android?2016-07-09T17:18:12+00:00

Will PolyNome Be Available For Android?

For the time being and foreseeable future PolyNome is iOS only.

It took over 2 years of development to get it to it’s current stage and I’m still working on new features for iOS.

It’s a relatively niche product and the costs involved in getting something to work on Android are much higher.

I understand there’s a big community of Android users who would love to have PolyNome.

I would like to work on this in the future but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that it’ll be available any time soon.

Possible Solution

In the meantime, if you really want to be able to use PolyNome it’ll run on any iOS device running iOS8+

In development I had to buy a second hand iPhone 5 which runs it fine. It cost $136 on eBay and I’m sure there are cheaper options (a fifth gen iPod Touch will also run iOS9 and can be found for under $100)

I know this is a relatively expensive purchase, but you then have a device that can run any other iOS apps you might be interested in.

The total cost of the iPod Touch and PolyNome is still less than a Dr Beat!

In short, I’m sorry I can’t bring PolyNome to Android right now.