What’s New In 2.2.7

>>What’s New In 2.2.7

What’s New In 2.2.7

What’s New in PolyNome 2.2.7

Check out the video below to see an overview of the new features of PolyNome 2.2.7. They’re also listed below the video.

The new features are:

1. Force touch App icon for direct access to Presets,Playlist or Playlist Manager

2. More ⓘ buttons with links to userguide and tutorials

3. Current name as default in Save As and Rename dialogs

4. Drag bar under Mixer for easy scrolling.

5. Fine control of Mixer faders (tap above/below fader for 1% change, tap and hold above/below fader to jump to nearest 10%)

6. Swing Faders for controlling swing of Metronomes. You can link them with the link button. Tapping and holding jumps to common swing positions.

7. Delay faders for adding a delay to Met 1 or Met 2. Use these to displace grooves or hear what it sounds like to have a late or early back beat. You can change the max delay by tapping the Delay label.

7. Change Sounds page: Tap and hold Line 1 or Line 2 to additional options ☞Copy sticking, switch lines, swap sounds/letters

8. Use swap sounds/letters to invert stickings (if you’re a lefty) or perform other sticking changes quickly.

9. Change Accents page now shows the sticking under the notes. You can tap it to jump to the change sounds page.

10. Tapping and holding the accents on Change Accents page gives an option to Invert Accents.

11. Long press the playlist name to jump to Playlist Manager.

12. Long press a playlist in Playlist Manager to load it instantly.

13. New click sounds and practice pad hit sounds, plus a couple of snare buzz sounds

If you have a couple of minutes to spare and enjoy using PolyNome I’d really appreciate you leaving a positive review.

Reviews are reset with each new update, but it’s quick to re-post once you’ve left an initial review.

To leave a review:

Click Here to view PolyNome in the App Store, then tap the Reviews button and “Write a Review”

I really appreciate the support!


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    Dude! Your shit is awesome!
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