Uploading to the Public Library

>Uploading to the Public Library

Uploading to the Public Library

To upload to the Public Library:

Watch the video, or follow steps below…


  1. Select your Preset(s) or Playlist(s)
  2. Tap the Share button in the bottom toolbar and choose Upload to PolyNome.net (in older versions it’s Add to Public Library)
  3. Enter a name for what you’re uploading and tap Upload. (The file will be uploaded and the code for pasting into the Library will be put in your iOS clipboard.)
  4. Click the Go To Public Library button
  5. Make sure you’re logged in. Locate the relevant category to post your creation and click Create New Topic
  6. Tap and hold and choose Paste to paste the code from the clipboard. Write as much as you can about what you’ve uploaded. Add relevant tags.


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