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>>>Tempo Percentage Slider

Tempo Percentage Slider

The Tempo Percentage Slider is useful when you want to increase the tempo of a playlist and maintain the relation between tempos in the playlist.

Let’s say your playlist relates to sections of a song. The first half of the song is at 75 bpm, then the second half is double time at 150bpm, finally it goes back to 75bpm and then the outro is slightly slower at 60bpm (don’t ask why.)

Your band mates decide that they want to practice the song a little bit slower. How can you do that?

You can’t use the Tempo Lock feature because that would set all of the sections to the same tempo.

You could manually change the tempo for each section, but that would take time AND you might not be sure how they all relate without pulling out a calculator.

This is where the Tempo Percentage Slider comes in. Tap and hold the Play button and make sure “Tempo %” is on. You’ll see a slider over the top of the tempo control.

You can move this slider and it will affect the play back speed of every item in the Playlist by the same amount.  Now you can practice the song 10% slower with a simple swipe!

Even better, you can use the percentage change in Automatic Tempo Changing Playlists. Instead of choosing to increase the tempo by 5bpm, you can choose to increase the tempo by 5%. That means that all items increase their tempo with the correct relation to all other items.

Watch the video to see it in action…

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