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Swapping Letters/Sounds

Swapping Letters/Sounds

By tapping and holding a line in the Change Sounds page you can choose to Swap Letters/Sounds.

This opens a page with some options for what to swap and how to swap them.

The purpose of this feature is to quickly reverse or change stickings. See the video below for some examples.

Swap vs Replace

Once you’ve chosen a source letter (labeled CURRENT ASSIGNMENT) and a FINAL letter you have to choose an action. The options are Swap (A < – > B) and Replace A with B

Let’s say your sticking is R L R R L R L L

If you choose the source letter ‘L’ and the Final letter ‘R’ then choosing the action Swap (A < – > B) will switch the letters around so you’ll end up with L R L L R L R R.  This is useful if you want to invert a sticking (if you’re left handed)

If you chose the action Replace A with B then all instances of your source letter (L) would be replaced with the final letter (R) and you’d end up with R R R R R R R R

Choose what to change

Here there are two options: Letter, and Sound Assignment

The above examples are what would happen if you tapped Letter as the item to change. If you chose Sound Assignment instead then the order of your sticking (R L R R L R L L) would remain the same, but the sounds assigned to the letters R and L would be swapped or replaced (depending on the Action you’d chosen).

You can choose both Letter and Sound Assignment if you wish.

So, let’s say the sticking you have is a paradiddle (R L R R L R L L) and you have the hi hat assigned to R and the snare assigned to L.  If you swap Letters and Sound Assignment then you’ll end up with the sticking L R L L R L R R but it’ll sound the same as the hihat sound will now be assigned to L and the snare to R. If you didn’t choose to swap Sound Assignment then the left hand would still be on the snare and the pattern would sound different.


A reason to use the Replace A with B option might be if you have programmed a linear groove into line 1 and copied it to line 2.  You might then want to replace all R with Rest on line 1, and all L,K,H with Rest on line 2.  That way you’re breaking the limbs between the 2 lines and can achieve other things.

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