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The Stone Killer work out is a 20 minute workout to help develop strength, stamina, and speed of your hands individually.

It begins with 1 bar of 8th notes played with your right hand, followed by 1 bar of 8th notes played with your left hand.

Then you play 2 bars RH, followed by 2 bars LH, then 3 bars of each, then 4, all the way up to 8 bars per hand.

Once the you’ve reached 8 bars the tempo increases by 10bpm and you start back at 1 bar per hand.

The tempo range in these examples is 140bpm up to 240bpm.

The video tutorials below demonstrate 2 ways of achieving this. One using PolyNome’s tempo automation, the other using power features to compile a playlist where the tempos are set manually.

If you’re a Patron, you can save time and simply download and install both of these using the link below!

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It’s still worth watching the videos to learn about PolyNome’s power features.

Tempo Automation version

In this tutorial, we create a single playlist of 1-8 bars per hand, then tell PolyNome to increase the tempo by 10bpm each time it loops.

We specify tempo boundaries of 140-240bpm so it knows when to stop (and can calculate the total workout time automatically).


Manual Tempo Version

If you want more fine grained control over the tempo changes (for example, so you can go in 5bpm steps once you reach 220), then you need to specify tempos individually. That results in a playlist of over 200 individual items. Yikes! That seems like a lot of work.

Thankfully, PolyNome has some power features to make this quite a simple task.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Duplicate the basic playlist (1 – 8 bars of each hand) and create a copy for each tempo you require.
  2. Set the tempos for each of those playlists
  3. Merge them all together into a giant final playlist
  4. Make sure the Playlist plays through by setting the Auto Advance Action


All you have to do now is sit down and Practice!

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