Ramp and Random Options

>>>Ramp and Random Options

Ramp and Random Options

Ramp and Random options

In the Playlist Actions you can choose to Ramp or Randomize the tempos/timers/reps of the selected items.

When you select the items to apply a “ramp” to the order that you select them in determines the order that the ramp will be applied. The first selected item represents one boundary and the last selected item represents the other boundary.  For example, if the first selected item as a reps value of 1 and the last selected item has a reps value of 10 and there are 10 items, then you’ll end up with reps set from 1 – 10 in the order that you selected them.

If you use the Select All function to select all items, they are selected from the top down.  So if the reps for the first item was 1 and the reps for the last item was 10 then the reps would be ordered with 1 for the first preset and 10 for the last with 2-9 in between.

If the first item was set to reps=10, and the last item was set to reps=1, then the order would be reversed… 10,9,8…3,2,1

If the first and last selected items have a timer value set, or don’t have overridden reps set (you set overridden reps by tapping the gear icon to the right of the item) then the function won’t work.

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