Drum Lick Generator

>Drum Lick Generator

You can use the Randomizer in PolyNome to create endless new drum licks.

There are many great applications of this.

For example, you might just use it as a fill creating tool – have PolyNome create a 1 bar fill for you to learn. When you’ve got it mastered, use the Randomizer to create the next fill.

Or, set up PolyNome as a jam buddy!  You groove for a bar while PolyNome plays a lick, then PolyNome grooves while you try to repeat the lick. You can have the lick on repeat until you’ve got it, or you can tell PolyNome to change it up every few repeats. This is a great ear training tool, and is really fun to play along to.

A more simple application could be to just give you simple rhythmic exercises to play on the practice pad – again testing your auditory recall.

Watch the video below to learn how to program these yourself.

If you’re a PolyNome Patron, you can download some ready made lick generators below the video.



Don’t want to program all this yourself? Patrons of PolyNome get access to ready made lick generators right here…

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