Using Playlists To Create Longer Patterns

>>Using Playlists To Create Longer Patterns

Using Playlists To Create Longer Patterns

You can use Playlists to create long patterns, or patterns that change tempo or time signature.

Working in this way makes it easier to enter the pattern as you can focus on one or two bars at a time.  If there are sections of your piece that repeat, or occur more than once, you can reuse items within a Playlist.

If you’re reading the notation, entering 1 bar at a time makes it easier to read as the notation will refresh instead of scrolling.

There are different ways you can create a Playlist of Presets

If you already have the Presets created you can add them directly to a Playlist in one of two ways.

  1. Create the Playlist, then “Add Presets from Library”
  2. Enter multi-select mode in the Presets library, select the items in order, then tap the Actions button and choose “Add Presets to Playlist”

If you haven’t already created the Presets you can create them directly inside a new Playlist.


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