What does the Pro Upgrade include?

>What does the Pro Upgrade include?
What does the Pro Upgrade include? 2016-04-11T22:11:26+00:00

The Pro upgrade includes many great features that make PolyNome even more powerful.

Here’s a quick guide to what you get with Pro…


– The ability to save your presets
Share Presets with friends
– Backup Presets and copy to other devices
– Tag presets with unlimited tags
– Sort presets
– Give presets song lengths (for calculating setlist length)
– Add notes (to remind you what they’re about)


– Create Playlists of your Presets
Automate complex tempo changes
AutoAdvance through Playlists to create complex clicks in multiple time signatures/tempos
Calculate lengths of set lists as you add songs to a Playlist
– AirPrint professional looking setlists
Share your Playlists via email/iMessage/AirDrop
– Add notes to Playlists

Voice Counting

– Enable Auto Voice Counting
– Enable Advanced Voice Counting

The Practice Log

– PolyNome logs the time you spend on each Preset and at which tempos
– View charts of your practice as time practised by day, by preset or by tempo
– View statistics about your practice (what you need to work on the most and at which tempos)
– View or print a PDF report of your Practice Log

That’s a brief overview. By combining these features PolyNome becomes the best metronome on the planet!

Check out the PolyNome videos page for videos showing more PolyNome features

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