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  1. How can I mix time signatures? For example a bar of 4/4 followed by a bar of 7/8? Thanks.

    • Hey Dave, You string presets together in a Playlist. If you have the latest version there should be an example playlist doing exactly that. Go to the Playlist Manager and load the playlist called "Example Time Change". Cheers, Joe

  2. It is a pro feature. You'll find that Pro allows you to do a lot of really cool things very easily. An alternative would be to program your bar of 4/4, then change the time signature to 15/8 (another 7 8th notes) and enter your rhythm until it says the bar is full. That'd be the equivalent of 4/4 + 7/8

  3. I now updated the new version. I tried to change the sounds. They have no cowbell or any other sounds that was in the older version. How do I get the sounds from the previous version?

  4. Re Voice: Using quarter notes at 4/4, can the drummer be audibly "alerted" at the 4th count of each 3rd bar?

    • Sure. 1. Enter a bar of quarter notes as the rhythm. 2. In the sounds page choose "Voice 1 - 4" for, say, the R sound. 3. Enter a single R on line 1. That will give you the voice count 1-4. 4. On line 2 enter rests for 3 bars and add an L sound on the 4th beat. That'll do it. In groups of 3 bars. If you want it to be the 4th count of the 3rd bar in a pattern of 4 bars then enter a further bar of rests. I hope that helps. Joe

  5. can i add different drum sounds within 1 rhythm of 4 bars, say a open HH to 1 note on L hand, a snare to another note on L hand then a Tom 3 on another note on R hand?

    • The sounds assigned to R,L,K and H are fixed for each Preset. You can set different sounds in Metronome 2 so, although it's fiddly, it's possible to have 8 sounds within a pattern (if you enter the same pattern for metronome 2 and use rests). I know it's not ideal, but PolyNome never set out to be a full drum sequencer.

  6. I have PolyNome Pro 2.2.1 on both my iPad and iPhone. In the Overlay Sounds preset, I hear the subdivisions on my phone but not on my iPad.

    • Hi Howard, Please check the faders in the mixer. Are they up for the subdivisions? It might be that I'd accidentally muted them and you'd downloaded a version with them muted. Joe

  7. Hello, how can I make a folder with different playlist? Thank you for your answer, all the best.

      • Hey Joy, got it working.. For a simple and Full switch not so intuitive as you you might think, but as usual you can copy and move lots of certain aspects here, and then you need this more complex workflow. Thanks for your quick reply!

  8. Hi Joe - I notice in the YouTube video for "Adding and changing sounds" that the panel for changing a sound (reached by pressing & holding H, K, etc.) is quite different in the video: navigation buttons are shown for "Drums", "Perc", etc., with a second button for "Acoustic" vs. "Electronic." I bought the Pro version for iPad a couple of days ago and notice it doesn't have this nav buttons, only a long scrolling list; this makes things more tedious. Were the nav buttons dropped entirely, or can they be retrieved by a setting somewhere? Thanks.

    • Hi Randy, Thanks for commenting. The new interface is actually much quicker. I changed it because I added hundreds more sounds and the categories got confusing. The quickest way to find a sound you want is to just start typing in the search bar. The list will be narrowed down quickly (e.g. type 'sn' and you'll see all the snares) If you tap the heart icon on the right of a sound it'll be added to your favourites and always available right at the top of the list. I hope that helps. Best, Joe

  9. Is there a way to set metronome 1 to just count 1-4 or 1-6... and then stop the voice count before the song starts? And then metronome 2 just continue with the click through all the time playing.

    • If you want a Count In this is how to do it: 1. Choose the Preset in the Library. 2. Tap the Actions button at the bottom. 3. Choose "Add Count In To Preset" This will create a Playlist and put a Count In before your item which you can customise however you want. The Count In will only ever play if you start the metronome while it's selected. If your playlist loops (perhaps for automatic tempo increases) the Count In will be skipped.