There are 2 common problems when trying to log into the Public Library.

1. You’re entering your email and password instead of your username and password.
2. When you first create your Public Library account the website suggested a strong password for you. If you didn’t get Safari to save it, change it to something more memorable, or write it down, then you’ll need to reset it.
To reset your password: 
1. Click here to go to the reset password page. (it’ll open in a new tab)
2. Enter the email address you registered with.
3. Click the link that arrives in your inbox.
4. CHANGE the suggested password to something you can remember.
Logging in:
1. In PolyNome click the Public Library button in the menu.
2. Enter your username (not your email) and the password you just set.
Contact if you continue to have trouble.

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