Google’s own Google Drive app won’t show an option to open in PolyNome. This is very annoying, and is something to do with Google.

There’s a free app called GDrive that does let you open files in PolyNome.

Instructions for opening with GDrive

  1. 1.Browse to your .pln file.
  2. 2.When you tap it you’ll see an error “File Can’t Be Opened”. Tap OK.
  3. 3. Tap the icon in the top right and choose “Open in other apps”
  4. 4. Choose to Copy to PolyNome.

Another solution is to do the following…

1. In the Google Drive app, while viewing the PolyNome file, tap the three vertical buttons in the top right.
2. Click Get Link. It will be copied to the clipboard.
3. Paste the link into the URL bar of Safari.
4. Click the Download button in the middle of the screen.

You should then get the Open In “PolyNome” option.


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