How Do I Edit My Public Library Post?

>How Do I Edit My Public Library Post?
How Do I Edit My Public Library Post? 2016-07-09T21:00:14+00:00

If you posted a topic in the Public Library and you want to edit it you can visit the topic and add /edit to the end of the url.

For example, if your topic was

you’d go to


If you need to re-upload the files from PolyNome follow the steps below:


1. In PolyNome select what it was that you wanted to post.

2. Tap the Share Button and choose Post To Public Library. Just enter a space in the text field then press the Upload button.

The files will be uploaded and the link text will be added to your iPhone clipboard.

Go to the edit link for your post (see above)

Tap in the body and choose “Paste” to paste the link from your clipboard. Then submit to update.

You can review the process for uploading here if a video makes more sense:


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