Creating New Playlist Items Directly

>>Creating New Playlist Items Directly

Creating New Playlist Items Directly

Creating New Playlist Items Directly

PolyNome 2.2.4 includes a new method to add new items to a Playlist without first having to create a Preset in the Preset library.

  1. Tap the + icon on the Playlist page.
  2. Choose “Duplicate Item With New Name”
  3. Type a name for your new Preset

duplicate_item_with_new_name_1 duplicate_and_add2


Once it’s created you can change the tempo and the pattern and save it on the main screen.

If you want to re-use the Preset in another Playlist (or add multiple copies to the same Playlist) you can create a version in the Preset Library from the Disk button on the main screen.


Watch the video to see it in action

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