Lindsay Artkop

Independent, Clinician/Educator, 2015 Hit Like a Girl Champion

"PolyNome is an invaluable tool that offers everything a musician can ask for in a metronome. Its immense amount of features allow you to work on everything from to sticking patterns to polyrhythms with ease and freedom to customize."


Denny Weston Jr

KT Tunstall/Goldfrapp/The Kooks

"PolyNome is a must have metronome for all musicians"


Robby Ameen


"Polynome is more than a metronome, it’s a practice partner!"


Jeromy Bailey

Luke Pell

"PolyNome redefines what a metronome should be. With actual, beneficial features that inspire growth and creativity, PolyNome is an invaluable career tool for any drummer at any skill level."


Jeff Bowders

Paul Gilbert, Puddle of Mudd, Shakira

"The new generation of drumming requires new tools. PolyNome is the tool shop."


Rich Stitzel

Beatmix Music Chicago, The Unknown New, Bertha Coolidge, Cathy Richardson, Miranda Lambert, Christian Howes, DrumMantra

"The PolyNome app is insane! What I have spent literally hundreds of hours writing out for my DrumMantra educational series can now be programmed almost instantly into this app."


Neil Holloman

Independent, Cailyn, Survive the Storm, Escape Post

"The most completely thought-out metronome application in existence. The absolute best."


Caroline Davis

Caroline Davis Quintet, Matt Mitchell's Sprees, Billy Kaye Quartet, Maitri, Whirlpool with Ron Miles

"PolyNome has given me the creative power to design my own practice routines in the domain of rhythm. It's an endless source of exploratory fun!"


Lee Davies

Lucie Silvas, Jerry Donahue, Opera Boys, Educator

"PolyNome is invaluable to me both Live and in the Studio. As an Educator of over 70 students it really excels! I save many lesson plans as Presets, this gives me more time with the student and less time programming an iPad."


Chris Reeve


"PolyNome has enlightened me, inspired me, and saved my butt countless times."


Joe Crabtree

PolyNome / Wishbone Ash

"I created PolyNome to be the tool I wanted to use for gigging and practicing. It's made both of those things more fun and productive."


Mimmo Di Cicco


"I use PolyNome for my lessons, practice, and live sessions. It's the best!"


Elliott Henshaw

Leo Sayer, Tony Christie

"PolyNome is the best drumming app on the market"


David Uosikkinen

The Hooters

"PolyNome is the single coolest drum tool I have found since the drum key. It's simple to use and intuitive. I love it!"


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