Accents, Ties, and Diddles

>>Accents, Ties, and Diddles

Accents, Ties, and Diddles

Adding accents, ties, and diddles in PolyNome is easy.

Simply tap above the rhythm and swipe left and right to select the note you want to edit.

Then toggle an accent with the > button, or add ties or diddles with the Tie and slash buttons.

Detaching Accents

By default, accents, ties, and diddles stick to the notes you assign them to. However, you can detach them using the Detach Accents button.

When detached, whatever accent pattern you have entered will be looped to fill the rhythm according to the Accent Reset option.

By default, whatever you entered will be looped over whatever rhythm is programmed.

For example, if you wanted every 4th note of a rhythm to be accented, you simply have to enter one accent (>) followed by three non-accents (_).

You’ll see the accent pattern you entered above the notes in blue. The looped accents will be shown in grey.

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