It’s very easy to test your time keeping in PolyNome. There are various ways you can achieve this.

This Preset demonstrates 2 different ways.

Method 1 : Programming what you want to hear

The Rhythm programmed into Met 1 is a bar of 1/4 notes followed by a bar of rest. If you use the Mixer to mute Met 2 and the Overlay sounds then you’ll just hear a bar of click followed by a bar of silence.


There’s a very quick and easy way to enter full bars of 1/4 notes (or 8th notes) and full bars of rest. Simply choose the whole note selector on the Change Rhythm page. All of the buttons below will then be divisions of a whole note (the same as a bar of 4/4)

Use the rest button (top left) to enter a bar of silence and the 4 x 1/4 note button to enter a bar of 1/4 notes, or the 8 x 1/8th notes to enter a bar of 1/8th notes. You’ll find the bar of 1/16th notes on p2.

Change Rhythm page

Method 2 : Using the Random Muting feature

The Rhythm programmed into Met 2 is a 1 bar drum groove. It is set to randomly mute bars on the Change Rhythm page (a pro feature.) If you mute Met 1 in the mixer then you’ll just hear bars of groove interspersed with bars of silence.

You choose how often the rhythm should be muted with the slider that appears next to the Muting button when you choose a muting type.


Note: Since the groove is a full bar of 8th notes you could treat it in the same way as method 1. That is, you could go to the Change Rhythm page and choose the whole note selector, then enter alternating bars of 8th notes and rests. You’re then able to choose where the bars of silence occur.

The point here is that you don’t need to enter the sounds for the groove again (they just repeat to cover however many notes you have in your pattern.) Also, that when you’re entering the 8th notes for the groove you can do it with a single tap of the 8 x 1/8th note button rather than tapping the 2x 1/8th note button 4 times.

Download the Preset here

Muting Overlay Sounds

If you’re using the Overlay Sounds for a click you can have these randomly muted by linking them to the Random Mute setting of Metronome 1. Read more here.