Shuffle and Displace Options

When shuffling the order of the rhythm in PolyNome there are some extra options.

When “Link Sounds” and “Link Accents” are switched on, the sounds and accents assigned to the rhythm will be moved as if they were attached directly to the notes.

If those switches are off, then the rhythms will be shuffled, but the sounds and accents will remain as they were. Hence, they will now line up with different notes in the pattern.

When “Ignore Rests” is switched on, groups of half note or whole note rests at the start and the end of a rhythm will be ignored when shuffling. This means that you could have 3 bars of a groove in Met 1 with a bar of rest at the end. In Met 2 you could have 3 bars of rest with a bar of a rhythm at the end. Shuffling the rhythm in Met2 with “Ignore Rests” switched on will mix up the note groups in bar 4 but leave the 3 bars of rest at the start untouched.

When “Link Mets” is switched on the shuffling and displacing of a rhythm in Met1 will be replicated in Met2. Note that if the rhythms are different in the two metronomes then they’ll be shuffled independently.