PolyNome separates the creation of a rhythm from the sounds assigned to that rhythm.

By default PolyNome will loop whatever sounds you have entered to fill the rhythm you’ve created.

You can see this in action by doing the following.

Enter a Rhythm

  1. Tap Met 1 and choose Change Rhythm to bring up the Rhythm Entry screen.
  2. Clear All and enter a mixture of 1/4 notes, 1/8th notes, triplets and 1/16th notes. Then click done.


Assign Sounds

  1. On the main screen tap the rhythm you entered and choose “Change Sounds”
  2. Press the R button once.

assigning sounds 1

Notice what happens below the notes at the top. The white R before the cursor is what you actually entered.

The green R below the first note represents what you entered. The grey Rs to the right represent what PolyNome will play based on your entry.

If you like, you can click Done and you’ll see that there’s an R under every note in the Rhythm. That tip alone can save you a lot of time when programming patterns in PolyNome.

On the Change Sounds page enter an L. You’ll see PolyNome will loop the R L for the whole rhythm.

assigning sounds 2


Now enter 6 more Ls…

assigning sounds 3

If you were to hit Done and play this pattern you’d notice that the sounds changed on each repeat. This is because PolyNome is looping your entered sounds and applying them to the rhythm. Your sound set will overlap the bar line.

Sometimes this is what we want. It means you can quickly hear what it sounds like to overlay a group of 5 over 16th notes, or how a paradiddle sounds over a 3/4 bar of triplets.

Reset Options

But perhaps you want each repeat of the pattern to start in the same way. That’s easy. Just tap the Reset options button on the Change Sounds page and choose “Reset Each Cycle”.  (A Cycle is once through the Rhythm you entered on the Change Rhythm page).

You can try the other Reset options too.

Reset Each Note Group

Reset Each Note Group will jump to the start of your entered letters each time a new note group begins.

A note group is a single button press on the Rhythm Entry page.

For example, if you entered a bar of 8th notes by hitting the 8 x 8th notes button then the note group is all 8 of the notes.

If you entered a bar of 8th notes by hitting the single 8th note button 8 times then a note group is a single 8th note.

This option is really useful for having a certain sound play at the start of each group, and filling the subdivisions with another sound.

If you choose that option with the rhythm we entered you’ll see it applied.

Note that, even though you only entered R once (in the white letters), a green R appears at the start of each group of the rhythm.

reset each note group

The Reset will also reset any voice counting. That means you could enter a single R with the sound “Voice 1-12” assigned and it would count your note groups…


Watch a video of this in action…