Entering polyrhythms in PolyNome is very simple.

All we have to do is enter one rate into Met 1 and a different rate into Met 2.

Entering a rate

  1. Tap inside Met 1 and choose Change Rhythm
  2. Clear All
  3. Tap the whole note in the selector (we’ll enter subdivisions of a bar)
  4. Tap the division you want (if you want divisions from 9-16 then tap p2 to show those options)
  5. Hit done

Repeat the steps above for Met 2 and choose a different rate.

whole note division

Once you’ve entered your rhythms you probably want to change the sound of one of them. Simply tap on the rhythm, choose Change Sounds, and assign one of the R,L,K,H sounds.


You can pan the metronomes in Preferences. This can help to hear the separation of the rhythms.

Voice Counting

If you have the Pro upgrade you can assign voice counting to one, or both, of the rhythms.

  1. On the Change Sounds page press and hold one of the sound buttons to bring up the sound picker.
  2. Choose Voice Counting from the options at the bottom and choose Voice 1-12. Hit Done.
  3. Enter the letter once to assign it to the rhythm. PolyNome will automatically fill in the reset.
  4. Choose “Reset Each Cycle” from the reset options. This means it will start at 1 each time the pattern repeats.

Watch the video here:

Download the Preset