Installing from the Public Library

To view the Public Library from within PolyNome, tap the Public Library option in the menu.

This will open the Public Library forum in Safari.

If you’re on iOS9+ you’ll see the option for “Back to PolyNome” in the top left. This is useful for quickly moving between Safari and PolyNome.

Login on the Public Library page using the username and password you created when you Registered for a Public Library account.

Browse the topics until you find something you’re interested in then tap the install link in the post.

This will open a new Safari tab with the PolyNome file and an option to “Open in PolyNome”.


open in polynome

Tap the Open in “PolyNome” link to install the file.

PolyNome will open and attempt to install the Preset/Playlist.

If you already have the Preset/Playlist installed it will ask you if you want to “skip” or “overwrite”.

A note about Imported Presets and Playlists

PolyNome doesn’t allow you to create more than one Preset with the same name. That is because PolyNome uses the name of a Preset when it is copied into Playlists to link the two together.

You can put multiple versions of the same Preset into one or more Playlists. If you edit any one of these instances and choose to “Save”, PolyNome will ask you if you also want to update the others.

To avoid items downloaded from the Public Library interfering with your personally created Presets PolyNome will add a “books” symbol to the end of anything it imports from the Public Library. This is part of the name of the Preset so it won’t try and overwrite your personal items. It also helps to identify which items you got from the library.

library icon

Similarly, if you receive Presets/Playlists from other users they’ll have a download symbol added to the end.

If you want to share your own Presets/Playlists between your own devices then use the Backup option to avoid anything being added to the name.