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Google’s own Google Drive app won’t show an option to open in PolyNome. This is very annoying, and is something to do with Google.

There’s a free app called GDrive that does let you open files in PolyNome.

Instructions for opening with GDrive

  1. 1.Browse to your .pln file.
  2. 2.When you tap it you’ll see an error “File Can’t Be Opened”. Tap OK.
  3. 3. Tap the icon in the top right and choose “Open in other apps”
  4. 4. Choose to Copy to PolyNome.

Another solution is to do the following…

1. In the Google Drive app, while viewing the PolyNome file, tap the three vertical buttons in the top right.
2. Click Get Link. It will be copied to the clipboard.
3. Paste the link into the URL bar of Safari.
4. Click the Download button in the middle of the screen.

You should then get the Open In “PolyNome” option.


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    • Yes. The basic version will be a free upgrade. Some of the new features like voice counting, preset saving and the practice log will be part of a pro in-app upgrade.

  1. Very cool joe. This app is so ingenious. I wanted to practice table od time. Just could not figure out how to so this effectively with a typical metronone app. Just playing to 1/4 notes alone still had problem with keeping time internally. Now with polynome, I just set it to 4 counts, with each subdivision, up to the 8 grouping. Hearing and playing to every beat in the subdivision helped immensely. Very cool...

    • It's currently $7.99. Click the 'i' button in the bottom right corner, then click the "upgrade to pro" button.

    • Hi Stefanos, That depends. You can only use the rhythms available on the rhythm entry page, but if you wanted triplets within triplets you could substitute that with a 9. It can play The Black Page. We figured that would be enough to satisfy most musicians. Joe

    • If we expand beyond iOS the next step would most likely be a Mac version, since it's similar code. There are no plans for Android at this time.

  2. Hi, I love the apps a lot, but I mostly bring along my macbook to the studio, will the apps be available on macbook too? Thanks.

    • There are no plans for a Mac version in the foreseeable future, but it is something that we'd like to do eventually.

  3. Hi Joe, great app! I just upgraded to the pro- version and got a question rr. The voice count: it always counts to nine? Where can I change this into only counting to eight? Thanx in advance for your time and support. Take care. Michael

    • Hi Michael, Thanks! 9 is as high as it can count, so it will always go back to 1 if it gets that high. Say you have a rhythm with 8 notes, and it's getting to the start and counting "9" you need to change the "Reset" option on the Change Sounds page. Change it to "Reset Each Cycle" and the counting will restart at 1 whenever the pattern starts over. Joe

    • Yes. 1. Save the preset and add it to a playlist. 2. Click the gear icon on the right of the preset (in the playlist), turn on the Repeat switch and set the number of repeats to give you 4 bars (which depends on how long your preset was - if it was a 1 bar preset then enter 4, if it was a 4 bar preset enter 1, etc) 3. Click the Playlist controls at the bottom of the playlist. 4. Turn on AutoAdvance, Play when advancing and Playlist Looping. 5. Set the BPM increment to whatever you want. Enjoy!

  4. Is there a way to count off? Let's say I write a polyrhythm using two metronomes, I'd need it to count me off so that I can start playing with the groove.

    • Hi Vitor, There's currently no way to do this automatically. However, you could create a Playlist and set it to AutoAdvance and Play When Advancing. Make the first preset be a count off, then put your preset as the second one. Joe

  5. Hey Joe! First of all I'd like to tell you what a great app this is! Pure genius! Congratulations! Have a question for you. Can you set both metronomes at two different tempos for one program? In other words metronome one. Is at 63 and you set metronome 2 at 61 and then save it? I hope you understand what the question is. It's the only way I can communicate it. Thanks again! Tom Brechtlein

    • Hi Tom, Glad you like it! No, that's not possible. Is there any reason you'd want to do that? I imagine it would just sound like a mess and it wouldn't make any musical sense. Best, Joe

  6. Wow! I'm loving this app!!!! Thanks so much for the time u put in it!! I will definitely be sharing this with friends and promoting on social media!!!

      • The Reason to ask that, is because I saw your video programming the black page. I was trying to program a rudiments routine. I was thinking that maybe you know a way to do it.

  7. Hi joe, I miss an option to sync my iDevices when I create/edit my songs and playlists. Does it support the irig bluetooth pedal? A cool feature would be temposync between several devices (one master and several slaves)

    • Hi, We're working on the syncing - that'll definitely be a feature in a future version. I'll look into iRig support - it might work now, but only if it works in the same way as the AirTurn. Tempo sync probably won't be possible. Thanks, Joe

    • You can't change the name of a preset to avoid confusion with stored Practice Log events and other things. The simplest way to change the name is to click the Disk button on the main page and choose "Save As" then type the new name you want. When you're done, you can delete the old preset if you no longer want it. Keep in mind that the practice log events for the old preset will be deleted with the old version.

    • You can't enter dotted notes directly - you'll have to use a note/rest combination. I.e for a dotted 1/4 note enter a 1/4 note followed by an 1/8 rest. Another alternative is to enter, say, 3 1/8 notes and only enter a sound for the first (assign rests to the other two) I know it's a bit of a work-around but it'll give you the rhythm you want.

  8. The click won't start. I am in the default mode I press play the timer begins regularly but the the click won't start and the cursor doesn't begin either. So only timer keeps counting seconds but nothing else works. The same thing happens if I load presets I did , the timer begins but the click with the pattern and the cursor won't start.

    • Please can you try closing the app (double tap the home button then swipe PolyNome off the screen) and reopening. Please let me know if that fixes it. I tried to email you but the email was returned. If that doesn't work, please email me via "contact support" on the Help page in PolyNome. Many thanks, Joe

  9. Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way to have a countdown before the preset starts so I would have the time to start Polynome, grab my sticks and start playing.

    • Yes, there is. First, add the Preset to a Playlist. You can do this by tapping the pencil icon in the top right of the Preset library, select your Preset, then tap the Actions button at the bottom and choose to add it to a new Playlist. Once you've done that, tap the + icon at the top right of the Playlist page and choose "Add Count In" It'll add another preset as the first line that will only ever play once (even if the Playlist is looped). You can edit it and save it just like any other Preset. So, if you want the count in to be longer just add more notes to the rhythm or change the Reps (by pressing the Gear icon on the right of the row). Enjoy! Joe

  10. Hello, friend of mine recommended me the app. As I have just an Android and a MacBook Air. My Question is, will it work on 10.9.5 OS X thanks a lot ;)

    • Hi, Thanks for your question. I'm afraid it's currently only available for iOS. It would need to be re-written to work on Android or OS X and that's a huge job. Best, Joe

  11. Hi, Joe Fantastic app. I only have one problem - I can't find a way to rename a preset. Renaming a playlist is a breeze, so I don't understand why such useful option doesn't apply to presets. Have I missed something?

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment. The reason for not being able to rename Presets was to save confusion since Presets are hooked into Practice Events and versions of Presets in Playlists. The simplest way to rename a Preset is just to use the "Save As" option and save it with a new name. You can then delete the original if you don't want to keep it. Thanks, Joe

  12. Thanx Joe, I've figured it out (the way you've just described), but it's really inconvenient. So, as I understand, there are no plans to change this?

  13. Extremely useful and intuitive app! All the guys in my jam group have pro version installed and we are sharing presets and playlists. Is there a way to share without the AppStore link attachment? For us it's unnecessary.

    • Thanks Keith. Glad you like it. You can't turn off the AppStore link. Just tell them not to read it ;) If you're in the same room you can use AirDrop to share presets/playlists. It's much quicker than emailing.

  14. Is there any possibility to create a song with 2 different tempo ? For instance 40 measures at 88 then 50 at 108 ? thank you

    • Yes. You need to use a Playlist. 1. Create a new playlist in the Playlist Manager and load it. 2. Tap the + button in the top right of the Playlist and choose "Add Presets To Playlist" 3. Tap the preset for your song twice to add two copies. Tap the Gear icon to the right of row 1. Tap the tempo and set it to 88bpm. Choose Repeats from the REPEAT section and set it to 40 (assuming your Preset is 1 measure long). Do the same for the second row, but choose 108bpm and 50 Finally, tap the Playlist Controls row at the bottom of the Playlist and turn on AutoAdvance and Play When Advancing. That should do it. Joe

  15. While I am able to backup presets to Google Drive, I am unable to restore it back to Polynome, can please explain the procedure for doing this.

    • This is something I'm trying to figure out. The work around is... 1. In the Google Drive app, while viewing the PolyNome file, tap the three vertical buttons in the top right. 2. Click Get Link. It will be copied to the clipboard. 3. Paste the link into the URL bar of Safari. 4. Click the Download button in the middle of the screen. You should then get the Open In "PolyNome" option. Let me know if that doesn't work.

  16. Hi I was trying to figure out how to form a set list of songs. I looked at the videos but can't see how to do it. I can make a playlist heading but is there a way to add a number of song titles. I might be missing something I admit. The video shows how to add songs that already somewhere in polynome . But not a new song title. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Andy, The short answer is that you need to save Presets with the names of the songs first. Then add those to the Playlist. It seems like an extra step but has lots of benefits. I'll make a video to show it in more detail but wanted to get an answer to you quickly. Here's what to do: 1. Tap the + button on the Presets page and enter the name of your song. 2. If you know the length of the song (from the album) then tap the Song selector and enter the length (this will allow PolyNome to calculate setlist lengths later) 3. If you're going to use the click to count off the song, or play along to, then enter the correct tempo. 4. Hit done. Repeat the above for each song. Then create a new Playlist, tap the + button on the Playlist and choose Add Presets To Playlist. Go ahead and add your songs. If you entered Song Lengths then you'll see PolyNome adding up the times. I hope that helps. Joe

  17. Is it capable to create bars and number of on which after certain number the bpm increase or decrease? for example set 4 bars at 100 then 4 bars at 105 and so on, for endurance ...

  18. This looks like a great app, my question is regarding the basic Polynome app and whether or not it can be used over multiple devices. I can see that the Pro upgrade is based on the Apple ID but I can't find anything about the base app. Apologies if I've missed it.

    • Hi Tim, Thanks for your question. The basic App is just like any other iOS app and can be installed on all of your iOS devices. Joe

      • Thanks for the fast reply Joe. Another customer for you and I'm looking forward to using it. Cheers.

  19. Hi Joe, how do you create 5 notes consisting of 4 - 16ths and an 1/8th tied together. Sticking is RlrrL.

  20. Hi Joe, I like your metronome a lot. A nice feature for me would be if I could set the Voice counting to the (Indian Counting) Bol Syllables: TA, KA, KI, DI, MI, GI, NA, TO, JU This would be really Great. Do you think there is any Chance to add this syllables to the polynome? But definitely good work!

    • Hi, Thanks for the kind words. I tried adding the syllables but it didn't sound good and added a lot of complexity. I'd even talked to Pete Lockett about him maybe recording the syllables. He said he'd tried it in his app too and had come to the same conclusion. He teaches using counting these days as it's easier to understand.

    • Hi Rainer, It's not possible to export as MIDI or mp3. However, you can record the output into Garage Band or an audiob.us (https://audiob.us) compatible app. One user reported recording the audio and then using Melodyne by Celemony (a Mac app) to convert the audio into MIDI. I hope that helps, Joe

  21. Hi Joe, thank you for the answer. I' m very exited of PolyNome. I've done some Gary Chaffee etudes (Rhythm &Meter) much more quickly than in sibelius :) greetings rainer

  22. Hi Joe, Can you explain how you can enter a measure of 5/8 to a measure of 4/4 to a measure of 7/8 in the Met1? I'm trying to put these meters over Met2, which would just stay 4/4 the whole time. I haven't quite been able to figure that out. Thanks! Caroline

    • Hi Caroline, Changing time signatures requires the use of Playlists since a Preset can only be in one time signature. However, if it's just those 3 time signatures you want then you could set Met 2 to be in 20/8 (5 + 8 + 7) which would give the same effect. Leaving Met 1 as 4/4 means the overlay faders will be working in 4/4. Install this Preset for an example that's using voice counting in Met 2 to help you hear the changing time signatures: Tap Here To Install Example Preset I hope that helps. Best, Joe

    • No plans for that. When the watch first came out I tested various apps that had that feature. They were all terrible. The pulse isn't strong enough. The watch is too slow to use as a reliable interface in a live situation. etc. There are apps that do this. Feel free to try them out and let me know if you feel differently.