The Daily Practice Log

Previous versions of PolyNome allowed you to add notes for each practice event. This is useful, but if you’re working on a Playlist that automatically changes tempo then you end up with a lot of practice events and it’s a pain entering notes for each.

Version 2.2.2 allows you to add to a Daily Practice Log.

As you progress through your practice session you can add notes about how you’re feeling and what you’re working on.

Consider it like a practice journal. Use it to enter any thoughts you have about what you’re working on, or want to focus on in the future. How you feel about the things you’ve been practicing.

How The Notes Show Up

These notes will show up in the PDF report in the Practice Log.

practice log

If you filter the Practice Log to show only the Daily Log you can review them as a journal.

Filter on "Daily Log"

For any other filter that will show actual practice events the Daily Log will show up at the start of each day.

Filter on All Events

How to Add to the Daily Log

practice event editor

NOTE: When you open this note the name of the last played Preset will be put in your clipboard – eg. [Paradiddle Practice / Single Paradiddles]. If you want to reference that it’s a quick job to tap and Paste.

How To Edit Daily Log Notes from Previous Days

The Practice Log has a filter section at the top and 3 pages underneath that you can swipe between.

practice log pages

The 3rd page is where you’ll find the individual practice events. You can locate the Daily Log event you wish to edit and tap the note icon to make your changes.

edit practice events