We can use the 2 metronomes in PolyNome to hear how different rhythms relate to each other.

In this example we’ll program a clave rhythm in a single bar by using 16th notes (a clave would usually be 2 bars of 8th notes). Then we’ll program part of the table of time in metronome 2.

Programming the Clave

A 3:2 rumba clave programmed as 16th notes would look like this.
Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.17.23

PolyNome can’t display beamed groups with dotted notes, but it has buttons displaying the common options on p3 of the common rhythms. When you press one of these buttons it will enter the component parts.

This makes it very easy to enter rhythms from drum books.

Let’s enter the rhythm above by pressing the matching buttons in PolyNomecompoundRhythms

Enter the rest of the rhythm. You’ll have to switch to p2 to find the dotted 8th rest and single 16th note. The 1/4 note is on p1.

Then hit done.

Entering the table of time

Tap on Met 2 and choose Change Rhythm. Switch to the Whole note in the selector and enter 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 using the buttons below.

If you want to go higher tap on the p2 button to bring up divisions from 9 – 16.


Hit Done to go back to the main page.

Finally, you’ll want to tap on the rhythm in Met 2 and assign a sound (so it’s different from the clave sound). Tap the R button once and hit done.

That’s it.

See the video here…

Download the preset here