Using An AirTurn Pedal

PolyNome has the ability to be remote controlled by an AirTurn Bluetooth pedal.

You can set the pedals to control any of the following actions in PolyNome:

  • Start/Stop
  • Previous item in Playlist
  • Next item in Playlist
  • Increase tempo
  • Decrease tempo
  • Tap Tempo
  • Mute

To enable AirTurn control make sure your pedal is set up and configured as per the instructions and that Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

Tap the menu and go to the Preferences page.

menu prefs

Tap “Remote Control Device” on the Preferences page

remote control

Tap “AirTurn Connection”


Turn on AirTurn Support and choose your device type.

NOTE: PED is a model of AirTurn pedal. If you’re not using a PED then tap the row to choose another device type.

airturn on


Now you just need to decide what you want each pedal to control.

On this screen you can just tap the pedal you want to assign an action to and it should bring up the actions page.

select pedal action

Pressing a pedal on your device will open the appropriate Port page. You can then choose the action you want to assign.

Note that Port 1-5 aren’t necessarily in the same order as your pedals – so it’s better to push the pedal to find out which Port it’s connected to.

choose pedal action

Once you’ve chosen your actions you can go back to the metronome and start using your AirTurn.

NOTE: If text entry fields aren’t showing up (eg. when saving a preset) you’ll have to disable the AirTurn keyboard. Click here to find out more.